25 years designing nautical clothes

We look back fondly at the last 25 years. A quarter of a century devoted to designing nautical clothes and decorative home giftware items. An unrivalled respect for quality and innovation differentiates us from our nearest competitors.

We strive to create products of the utmost quality in everything we do. Our pieces receive many hundreds of hours of careful love and attention – Sea Style down to the tiniest of details.

A yellow raincoat was the first piece of clothing Batela brought on to the market some 25 years ago. Eneko Alegría and Ane Garin is the couple thanks to Batela exists. They started with a basic raincoat, designed by themselves and selling it on their own, opening a small but important sales net. Since then, collections have grown year after year, inspired by of our small coastal villages, such as Getaria in the Basque region of Spain.

New fabrics and designs have been included in our catalogues over the years with the objective of reaching a wider range of customers. Currently, we launch two collections yearly. Spring/Summer collection’s designs are cool and quirky: cotton dresses, sweaters and t-shirts, linen dresses, etc… The Autumn/Winter collection offers sensible yet stylish woollen and cotton coats, as well as polyurethane and PVC raincoats. In the last few years we have added some new fabrics in Batela’s branded designs i.e. fleece, softshell, taslon and more.

Also, Batela has a very thorough home and giftware product range which is achieving remarkable growth. Our very latest Batela giftware catalogue boasts some 700+ lines!