We keep some moments fixed in our memory forevermore. We remember them as our happiest days and they remain forever. The days we spent close to the sea are among our favourites. The endless days in the lively Summer; the cool ones in the calm Autumn; Winter’s biting chilly evenings; the warm and colourful sunrises in the Spring. The sea offers us so very much, inspiration, hope and a sense of familiarity… So deep and intense blue, changeable and everlasting.


Batela at Pure London

Batela is attending Pure London fair next weekend (24th-26th July) to show the 2017 Spring – Summer collection. Our presence in this important spot in England is part of  the effort Batela is doing...

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Download Batela´s catalogues

You can download our Batela catalogues in PDF format here., Batela Spring-Summer 2016 and Batela Decoration....

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25 years designing nautical clothes

We look back fondly at the last 25 years. A quarter of a century devoted to designing nautical clothes and decorative home giftware items. An unrivalled respect for quality and innovation differentiat...

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